hellooo im shizuka!! hajimemashite!! welcome to my carrd!

as known, i have a youtube and soundcloud profile/channel and i make edited music. i am open to request in songs, thumbnails, edit audios, so feel free to request! (as long as they are appropriate)

if u are interested in my interests/fandoms, a long list is in my instagram's highlights, feel free to check it out when u have the time ^^ (or directly ask me, that's fine too!)

im a pretty open person if you want to talk w me about personal issues or literally anything but i can be blunt and unsure at times sooo i may say things i may regret.

first lemme set some ground rules:
if you know me from real life dont invade my privacy, nor should you expose my privacy online. idc if u hate me or not, have some morals dude.would very much appreciate it if you didnt mock me if u know me in real life.if ur homophobic, racist, a pedo- yea no just stay away. idc if its a "joke", again have some morals.even if a rude "joke" is made and you claim it as "joke" and still doesnt sit right with me, yea no sorry im not really ok with kind, polite, etc.! the first step to having a good relationship with someone is leaving a good impression on them.
little background info on me:
well technically im a minor but apparently my mental age is like 12 and also 21. so called "mom" of a group.i am bisexual, i like girls and guys, however i take more interest in guys than girls. (well you could say im boy-leaning bi??)im chinese, and i take pride in it. if u dislike me just walk away, no one is stopping u.i tend to be sensitive to discriminative and basically rude topics in general, so i beg pls dont hurt my feelings ;-;i like kpop and anime, asian culture and more. tbh i just think that western lifestyles and films dont really suit me. (sorry)
as i said previously, i am a pretty open person, if you want a buddy to talk things with or someone to talk to, you can always contact me! i may not be able to give you the best advice or any useful advice at all but i will try my very best to assist u!

anways, enough said, i hope you enjoy content i make ^-^
thank you!